Vintage Treasures for the Heart and Home

A Vintage Addiction is my way of bringing you what I love. Vintage, antique, or handmade, my products are functional and beautiful, time tested and classic. Artistic Treasures. Then and Now. That's A Vintage Addiction.

Vintage treasures are my most recent love to collect and share. I scout for them everywhere and my criteria for purchase is three-fold. 1. I love it. 2. I think you will love it. 3. It must have some element of artistry. Unlike shoes and jewelry - items a girl cannot ever own enough of - a person can quite possibly acquire excess vintage and antique items. Although the results are not it, I have been testing that theory as it relates to books (particularly cookbooks), home items, toys, dolls, art and holiday decor. That is why I am sharing my collections with you. Truth be told, in my little southwest desert community there is no 12-step program for shoppers and collectors so I have created my own 4 -step system so I can continue to indulge in the 'search and acquire' part of this venture. My four steps are: Love It, Buy it. Use It or Save It, and Move It On. What I offer on a daily basis fits step one, two and four. I am still seeking counseling for that pesky third issue.

A few of the treasures have been handcrafted. Some by me. More likely though, the artistic treasure was created years ago by another person whose talents I admire. The handcrafts will indicate whether they are new by me, vintage, or antique. I love to include the story behind the item when there is an interesting one - sometimes a long story, even when it is not interesting. That is a family trait and I am keeping it to drive my kids nuts. The mutual ingredient in all the handcrafted items is love. Love for the artistic process, the finished result, and/or the person for whom it was created. Great style and superior quality are assumed when my name is attached to an item as the creator or the purveyor. If I don't think it is wonderful I won't take the chance that you won't either. Style, quality and professionalism define my reputation in my business and personal endeavors.

I hope you enjoy what you see, and buy what you love, and will visit my shops often. I expect you to share my pages and shops with EVERYONE. Pin and post, like and share, tweet and tattle. Help me out when you can. Help me keep my shipping guys busy. Help me keep the four steps aligned so I don't have to seek the 12-step. Unless you can refer me to one. On an island perhaps?